Recruiting & Staffing

Pioneer Global Inc’s job placement services are tailored to IT professionals and IT executives who are equipped to take on challenging roles at top-notch companies.

We respect your time as well as the confidentiality of your project requirements and job search. We committed to our clients’ and candidates’ success. We have a fully dedicated Information Technology Search and Recruiting Team, specializing in consulting services and full-time placement of experienced Information Technology professionals. Our staff will successfully guide you to opportunities that will advance your career!

Our selection process includes

  • Candidates Screening and Testing
  • Coordination of Candidate Interview
  • Reference Checks
  • Background checks
  • Facilitation with information and negotiation of job offers

We have instituted “Best Practices” and we are recognized for our results, quality of service and our integrity. We maintain a large database of professionals and can provide our clients with a wide range of Information Technology resources, which consists of:

  • ERP: SAP, People soft, Oracle financials, JD Edwards
  • EJB Architects and Integration Specialists
  • WebSphere/WebLogic Developers
  • Datawarhousing Experts (Architects, Designers and Developers)
  • Database Administrators and Developers [Oracle, DB2, UDB, Sybase, Informix, Sqlserver]
  • WAP Protocol (Architects, Designers and Developers)
  • JAVA (Architects, Designers and Developers)
  • NET (Architects, Designers and Developers)
  • QA Testing with Java/Selenium
  • Middleware Experts [MQ Series, Corba]
  • UNIX AND NETWORK Administrators [SUN, HP, AIX, Linux, WINDOWS NT]
  • Actuarial experts for insurance industries
  • Clinical Trials and validation experts
  • SAS and Oracle clinical programmers
  • Mainframe experts [CICS, COBOL, DB2]

Training and Placement

We at Pioneer Global Inc offer a variety of programs and certification courses that can help you advance your career in some of the most demanding fields like IT. These fields have tremendous growth opportunities for someone looking for a change in career or a new direction for growth.

Career Based Training

Pioneer Global Inc is a providing customized training solutions and we consider our role in career training to be one of the facilitations, where the skills of each individual student are evaluated through, not only classroom instruction but also through the professional insight of the trainers. We also provide online trainings for many courses, however we will conduct contact sessions with every student to know and equip better to build their career.

Student Placement

Pioneer Global Inc takes a proactive approach in the job placement of its students. The mission of the Pioneer Global Inc career placement service is to help students clarify their educational and career goals, as well as acquire the skills to gain their desired employment.

In-House Training Programs

  • Java, J2EE
  • Microsoft.Net
  • ERP
  • QA Testing with Java/Selenium


  • Top Notch Trainers
  • Evening and Weekend Batches
  • We have 100% success rate in the placements from our previous batches
  • Training and 100% Placement Assistance
  • Sponsorship Available [For selected internationals]
  • Accommodation could be considered for candidates subject to availability and earlier registration


We develop custom solutions that are tailored specifically to address your unique business needs. IBM, a world leading J2EE vendor, employs Pioneer Global Inc Inc., to develop large-scale J2EE software projects and evaluate their emerging technologies. Pioneer Global Inc Solutions Inc., delivers effective Java/J2EE solutions across multiple business domains.

Why US

The J2EE Team at Pioneer Global Inc Solutions Inc., is committed to the delivery of quality J2EE solutions. Our team has gained recognition from both large and small customers for its high professional level in J2EE development.

Our alliance with IBM gives us competitive exposure to cutting-edge J2EE techniques. Our unique hands-on expertise in J2EE allows us to deliver large and small Web services that are reliable, fault-tolerant and scalable to meet your growing business needs.

Pioneer Global Inc’ engineers have long-term experience in creating J2EE applications of different scales – from enterprise infrastructure components to complex integrated solutions. A typical J2EE solution is a web application that consists of a web browser as a client, application server, and a database.

To ensure effective project control and guarantee achievement of project goals, the J2EE Team employs a well-established software development process and quality control. Our software development methodology ensures development process transparency for our customers in all project phases.

Our experts engage proven existing and emerging technologies to deliver solutions that most effectively address customer needs. We deliver the solution that fits your time, budget, and business requirements.

What We Do

Pioneer Global Inc Solutions, Inc. has proven experience in delivering reliable .NET applications. We develop custom solutions specifically tailored to address your individual business needs. We serve customers from multiple business domains and deliver .NET solutions ranging from small mobile applications to enterprise-wide integrated systems.

To provide the customer with competitive high-end .NET solutions, Pioneer Global Inc, Inc. has established a dedicated .NET department. Microsoft technologies traditionally have been a core technological concentration for us.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Pioneer Global Inc, Inc. has immediate access to all .NET initiatives from Microsoft. This allows us to implement cutting edge development techniques to deliver .NET solutions to our customers.

Core Strengths

  • ASP.NET development
  • .NET Compact Framework development
  • Web services development
  • Web controls development
  • ASP.NET mobile controls development
  • Distributed applications design and development
  • Database design and development

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) promotes a fully integrated systems approach, enables companies to cut costs, operate more efficiently, be more responsive to Client demands, reduce turnover and assist staff in reaching peak performance in all the services and products they offer. Pioneer Global Inc Solutions Inc.,’ ERP services can help you gain maximum value from your enterprise application systems, whether you are implementing an ERP solution or upgrading existing systems to improved Web-enabled systems, or optimizing existing systems to improve value.

Our ERP Expertise

  • SAP
  • Oracle Applications
  • PeopleSoft

E-Business Solutions

As our world transforms into a cyber economy, organizations with traditional business models are threatened by competitors that have already adopted and perfected the ability to conduct business over the Net. IT executives are continually and anxiously looking for new approaches and techniques to allow for rapid development and delivery of creative, innovative e-business solutions.

Web-Enabling Applications

Not all existing core business applications, known as legacies, are desired to be retired soon and replaced with new packaged applications. In many situations, existing enterprise applications cannot be easily replaced. Pioneer Global Inc. has taken initiatives to invest in the development of skills and expertise to help organizations maximize and leverage their existing IT investment by developing solutions to enabling their enterprise to host application over the Web.

Web Application Development

As IT executives are faced with pressures to leverage technology to stay competitive, the development of new, innovative Web-based applications are essential for survival for either a start-up company or a well established organization. E-business deployment generally follows two defined paths:

  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
  • Business-to-Business (B2B)
  • Once the direction is set, Pioneer Global Inc. Consultants can develop applications such as:

  • E-Commerce sites
  • Intranet Applications
  • Portals

Migration to Web Applications

Companies become totally dependent on their core application, many of them written years ago for an outdated business model. And while they may see the value in converting from legacy applications to a Web environment, the complexities involved may deter such a conversion. Pioneer Global Inc.'s Consultants have the experience, expertise and methodologies to enable clients to successfully migrate from their legacy systems to new web based applications.

Enterprise Application Integration

Traditional application integration architectures are no longer appropriate for aligning critical process with business goals. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) defines a new market in which web-based applications are integrated with enterprise software and packaged solutions with the Internet as the backbone. Pioneer Global Inc.'s Consultants can provide solutions that are platform independent, adaptable, and built on component architecture that can find the best way for the internal systems to move business information into and out of existing enterprise systems, which paves the way for customers to move into the world of e-business. Our EAI solution integrates legacy systems, e-business applications and critical information scattered throughout a client's organization into an efficient, accessible, up to the minute inter-departmental information network.

Enterprise AP Solutions

Ideal for enterprises looking to streamline and mobilize AP approvals, our application was designed to minimize inefficiencies and make the accounts payable process a seamless work-flow. Integrated with your Pioneer Global Inc portal, your data is secured and accessible via configurable permissions, providing the controls and security your organization requires. Search for invoices, take detailed notes or even delegate invoices throughout your organization, your AP work-flow can now be accessed and maintained wherever you go.

Role-based Access and Permissions

Maintain security and organizational control with configurable permission-based logins. Admin users can define roles and permissions as needed at any time, providing not only a secure environment but also allowing users to access and focus on only the operations critical to their role.

Intuitive Dashboard

Access common functions quickly and easily with our intuitive dashboard. Based on your login permissions, you can access mission-critical activities such as document searching, viewing and delegation within seconds. You can even access technical support at the touch of a button.

Approval Management

From the mobile application, role-based users can access bills and immediately approve for payment or choose to block from payment at that time. Include detailed notes per document and your organization is able to maintain transparency and communication real-time across the web and mobile applications.

Document Delegation

In order to maintain a seamless AP work-flow free of bottlenecks, efficient document routing is a must. Simply locate your documents requiring attention and delegate them to the appropriate personnel within your organization. All users of your portal are available can be found in the application, making delegation a simple and painless process.

View and Search Invoices

Our robust invoice tagging system allows for quick access of your invoices and bills. With our document search capabilities, you can locate exactly the documents you are looking for by using an assortment of search criteria, including:

  • Document ID
  • Status
  • Invoice #
  • Invoice date
  • Invoice Type
  • Invoice $ Amount

Detailed Document Notes

Maintain clear communication within your organization and keep everyone up to date on details at an individual document level. View and edit notes for your documents and changes will be immediately visible to all mobile and web portal users.

Application and Work-flow Support

Submitting a technical issue or reaching out for support is just a click away. Provide issue details and our technical team will respond within 24hrs of your inquiry, guaranteed. Or for internal support, simply fill out a simple form and your internal support needs can be routed to the internal team member of your choosing.

Technology Consulting

Selecting an Information System

Choosing the right underlying information systems, both at the application and infrastructure level, is the backbone to ensuring you can meet the strategic needs of your business. Working closely with you, Pioneer Global Inc presents a clear vision of the state of your current and future enterprise architecture. Our philosophy is based on the realization that business processes and their supporting applications and systems can only be fully understood, implemented, supported and improved by understanding their interdependencies.

Information Systems Assessment

Pioneer Global Inc technology consultants will work jointly with you to understand your overall corporate strategy and business objectives. This assessment will provide you high-level insight into the current state of your enterprise architecture and how this current state will meet the needs of your corporate strategic vision. The output of the assessment is a transformation road map that defines your priorities and creates optimal time lines and value propositions.

Business and Technical Requirements Gathering

Prioritized business requirements for the implementation of your future information technology solutions are required to ensure that you choose the appropriate technology to meet your company’s needs. Pioneer Global Inc will work with you by facilitating sessions with your business unit stakeholders. The outcome of the business and technical requirements gathering is a list of processes and requirements that are turned into a specification document which is used as the benchmark for future technology implementations and/or optimization's.